Bamboo Steamer with 2 Baskets Kaimo KMBS3000

Bamboo Steamer with 2 Baskets Kaimo KMBS3000


Category:  Cookers and Steamers

Brand:  Kaimo
Model number:  KMBS3000

Steam your food with this bamboo steamer with 2 baskets. Steaming is the healthy way to cook as it maintains most of the nutrients.

Key Features

•Retains vitamins and minerals.
•Requires no oil to cook.
•Food is softer and easier to eat.

Bamboo Steamer Specifications

•Diameter: 20 cm.
•Height: 13.5 cm.

Product Description

Bamboo steamers are a type of steamer made from bamboo. It is a traditional cooking utensil used in East Asian cuisine, especially in Cantonese cuisine. They are made up of two or three round baskets that are stacked on top of each other. The baskets are made from thin bamboo strips that are woven together. The baskets have a flat bottom and a lid. The lid is used to keep the steam in and to prevent the food from drying out. .

Bamboo steamers are used to cook a variety of foods, including dumplings, fish, vegetables, and rice. .

How to Use a Bamboo Steamer

You will need a pot that is large enough to fit the steamer baskets. You will also need some water. Fill the pot with enough water to come about halfway up the sides of the steamer baskets. Place the steamer baskets in the pot and place the lid on top. Bring the water to a boil and then reduce the heat to low. Steam the food for the amount of time specified in the recipe.


  • It is a healthy way to cook food. Steaming does not require any oil or fat, so the food is low in calories and fat. Steaming also helps to preserve the nutrients in the food.
  • They are easy to clean. After steaming, simply rinse the baskets with warm water and dry them with a towel.
  • Dumpling steamers are a versatile and affordable cooking utensil. They are a great way to cook healthy and delicious meals.

Tips on Use

  • Make sure that the bamboo steamer is well-seasoned before using it. This will help to prevent the food from sticking to the steamer.
  • If you are using a bamboo steamer for the first time, it may be helpful to line the baskets with parchment paper or cabbage leaves. This will help to prevent the food from sticking and will also make it easier to clean the steamer.
  • Be careful when handling the bamboo steamer. The bamboo can be hot, so use oven mitts or potholders to protect your hands.
  • Do not overcrowd the steamer. This will prevent the food from cooking evenly.
  • If you are steaming fish or seafood, it is helpful to add a few slices of ginger to the water. This will help to flavor the food.
  • Steamed food is typically cooked for a shorter amount of time than food that is cooked using other methods. Be sure to check the food frequently to make sure that it is cooked through.

With a little practice, you will be able to use a bamboo steamer to cook delicious and healthy meals.

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